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Twelve Month - Twenty three Month Year Old Program

For Younger Children (twelve months to under two years)
We offer four mornings (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) where you can choose from one to all four days (tuition priced accordingly).

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Two Year old Program

As children enter into this program, they transition into a organized yet flexible routine. They experience enough structure to feel secure, yet they have plenty of freedom to pursue their interests. Each day, we present a range of opportunities for organized, self-directed play as well as teacher-directed activities. The Two’s program, we offer 2-day (T/Th), 3-day (M/W/F) and 5-day (M-F) programs. Tuition is priced accordingly.

Children are encouraged to diversify and try new things, with teachers using blend of free play, interactive games, and patterning activities to develop early language and mathematical skills.

For two-year old’s, our curriculum emphasizes language development, personal expression and social skills. Stories, word games, and picture books provide critical repetition and enrichment. By reading, singing and talking to your child, we make language development an integral part of each day. All concepts and skills are presented in a way that fosters a true enjoyment of learning.
Math concepts are introduced through sorting, grouping and counting at engaging activities. And we encourage all children to express themselves creatively, through music, art and language activities that foster self-esteem and self-expression.